Looking for the perfect holiday gift for a special girl on your list? Make her smile and give her a gift she will more than love – the FHI Limited Edition 1″ Flat Iron Clutch Kit.

FHI Clutch Kit Features:

  • FHI Technique G2 iron in Limited Edition in Pink
  • Large hair brush and T-REX clips
  • Includes limited edition FHI satin thermal carrying clutch (Doubles as Heat-Resistant Mat
The FHI G2 Flat Iron is the perfect styling tool, great for creating waves, flips as well as sleek, smooth, straight styles. This flat iron heats up to 410 Fahrenheit in seconds, providing faster hairstyling. Save both time and money with this Limited Edition FHI Gift Set!
On sale just in time for the Holidays @ Hair Products Pro


Looking for super shiny hair that sparkles? Follow these 3 simple steps to make hair shine!

1. Towel dry freshly shampood hair and using your fingers, work in a clear glaze, covering strands entirely.

2. Using a wet or dry hair iron, slowly glide the plates down 1″ sections of hair until you have gone over all of your hair. The heat from the flat iron helps the gloss deeply penetrate your hair making your hair shine.

3. Rinse and condtion hair as you normally would.

Megan Fox is known for her long, dark and flirty hairstyles. This bombshell manages to keep her hair long while still showing off her amazing features by keeping the front pieces of her hair in long layers to frame her face.

To get the Megan Fox Hairstyle above follow these simple steps below and you too can have sexy, tousled waves that scream flirty and feminine.

1. Towel dry damp hair and apply a texturizing balm such as Frederic Fekkai Texturizing Balm and blow dry hair with your head flipped over to create some volume. Use your fingers or a round hair brush as you blow dry to help straighten really curly hair.

2. Once your hair is completely dry part your hair slightly off-center. Using a 1.5″ curling iron take sections of your hair, alternating between 1, 2 and 3 inch sections, and wrap them around the barrel of your curling iron. Wrap some sections up just above the ear and some below for a more natural look. (See here for more info on How to Wave Hair Using a Curling Iron)

The goal is messy, uneven texture, so leave some sections of hair straight to get the same Megan Fox Hairstyle pictured above.

3. Once your done using your curling iron to make hair wavy, apply a small amount of shine serum to the palms of your hands and run through your hair. Use your fingers to separate and shape waves.

4. Set your Megan Fox Hairstyle with a flexible hold hairspray and you’re done!

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